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Ending a rental

Ending a rental

Last updated: 29 Mar 2021


When does a residential rental agreement end? 

A residential rental agreement may end when the:

  • renter moves out (vacates premises);
  • residential rental provider makes application, the Tribunal issues a possession order and the renter vacates the premises;
  • residential rental provider obtains a possession order and purchases a warrant which results in the renter being removed from the premises.

In essence, therefore, a residential rental does not end until a renter has moved or is moved from, the premises.

This section covers when a rental agreement may end, requirements if the rental provider issues a notice to vacate, and reasons why a rental provider can issue a notice to vacate. This chaper also covers considerations for a client after a rental agreement has ended. 

In this section: 

  • Housing services: where to get help for renters who don’t have anywhere to go if they are evicted 

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