Summary of options – infringement notices

The options a client has for dealing with fines that have not yet been registered with Fines Victoria are as follows:

  1. Write to the enforcement agency requesting an internal review of the decision to serve an infringement notice and/or a withdrawal of the outstanding infringement notices pursuant to s 22 of the Infringements Act 2006 (Vic) (IA).
  2. Elect to have the matter heard and determined at the Magistrates’ Court pursuant to s 16 or 30 of the IA.
  3. Write to the enforcement agency asking for a payment plan to be put in place, or for an extension your client to pay or both pursuant to s 46 of the IA. Alternatively, your client can write to Fines Victoria asking for a payment arrangement.
  4. If it relates to a driving offence, and your client was not the driver, nominate another driver.
  5. If a client is an eligible person enlist an accredited agency or an accredited health practitioner to make an application for a WDP on behalf of the client, and to supervise the participation of the client in activities under a WDP.
  6. If a client is eligible, apply for the fine to be withdrawn under the Family Violence Scheme.
  7. Pay in full.

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